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Not this again…..The Tower


Today’s daily draw. Another Major Arcana card (three days in a row now..) and probably my least favourite of all the cards. It makes me uneasy in a way I can’t properly explain. Probably all the chaos and destruction it suggests and there’s been times in the past when it has all too to clearly summed up what’s been going on in my life.

At the moment though, things are fairly calm and I feel like I’m coming out of a bad patch, a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday though, I did have a revelation of the kind which the Tower can suggest. I found out some things about a person I had grown to trust. If what I’ve learned is true, then it seems I was wrong to trust this person with information which could be used against me. All of which has left me feeling pretty unsettled and very naive.

So hopefully this is what the Tower is suggesting to me today and its not something much bigger awaiting me around the corner!!

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The High Priestess


What is it with another Major Arcana card? This week I’m supposed to be looking at the four elements and how they manifest in the Minor Arcana cards and I’ve hardly drawn one to be able to do that!

I can’t quite explain why but I love this card. I love the symbols and the serenity of the image. I’ve done a bit of reading into other people’s interpretations of the High Priestess and it seems there are many different views out there. One thing everyone seems to agree on it that she indicates mystery, the subconscious and intuition. Dreams and all that is hidden.

While I’m trying really hard not to assign feminine/masculine features to the cards, the High Priestess does remind me of a book I’m reading at the moment called ‘Women who run with the Wolves’. Its about stories which have been passed down through generations and often mentions ‘The Wild Woman’ or the ‘One who knows’. This is the wild, intuitive nature of women which is often lost due to societal pressure or pressures from those around us. It is about how we, as women, can start to rediscover what the author calls our ‘wildish nature’. The High Priestess is like the ‘Wild Woman’, both asking us to trust our inner voice and to look to our feminine intuition for guidance, for we can rely on that more than anything else.

I don’t know what message the High Priestess has for me today. It could possibly be that I need to look beyond what seems obvious (to discover what is hidden behind the curtain…) or that I need to allow something to happen without any interaction on my part. It could be that I need to not act rashly, rather wait patiently until I have the answer.

The day is only halfway through so I’ll try to bear this in mind should anything come up during the rest of the day!

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Stranger and Stranger….The Star


Well, this is really weird. Yesterday, my daily draw was the Ace of Swords, a card I drew for the second time in a handful of days. Today I drew the Star, which I also drew just a couple of days ago.

The Star, to me, indicates ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. It follows the Tower and so feels like a period of calm after the Tower has come crashing down. It seems like a card of transformation and optimism. An indication of the need to forgive and forget and offering a glimpse into a better future if you believe it is possible.

It all seems to link back into lots of the cards I’ve drawn since I started a daily draw earlier this month. A lot of them seem to indicate new beginnings and that better things are round the corner. Some kind of calm after the storm.

I wonder if I had done a spread whether these two cards would appear? I don’t really believe that the cards can predict the future (not in a ‘you will marry such and such a person and have x number of kids type of way). But……

It feels like the two cards together are telling me that a better future IS possible if I believe that it is possible (Star) IF I follow the advice given (Ace of Swords) and act with my head rather than my heart and let go of bitterness and disillusion.

I can’t explain why or how but this feels like a really powerful message to me and I’m getting the same feelings I got when I had my two Tarot readings. Like the cards are really speaking to me and giving me some important, almost life-changing advice.

Drawing these same cards could be put down to chance but it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like I’ve drawn them twice for a reason and that is because they have messages I really needed to hear. Most people I know would laugh this off and think I’d finally gone mad but the more I get to know the cards, the more and more I fall in love with them.


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Daily Card – The Ace of Swords


It was always going to happen that I would get behind. I was doing so well with drawing a daily card and then blogging about it. I think that some days, I’m just so exhausted after work, the last thing I feel like doing is sitting in front of a laptop screen again.

I’m told that this is the best way to learn though so I need to stick at it. I drew the Ace of Swords today, the second time in a few days that I have drawn this card. So it would seem that there is an important message in this card which I need to uncover!

So, as a sword card we’re thinking about something taking place in the mind, the rational mind as opposed to intuition and possibly cutting through illusions. To me, this card seems to be a ‘cut the crap’ card! As an ace, its suggesting new beginnings. The hand is offering a ‘gift’ – a sword, a gift of knowledge?

I think this is all to do with moving on, or my inability to move on. I think its telling me that if I want to move on, I need to maybe face reality, move past the bitterness I’m currently feeling and deal with issues in a logical rather than an emotional way.

I think its telling me that I need to accept that, health-wise, this is how it is for the time being. I think its telling me that I need to forgive those people/situations who I blame for my recent M.E. relapse and that I need to keep my cool and react in a calm manner if provoked instead of losing my cool. But also that I have the strength to do this.

I think this card is telling me that if I really, truly want to find more contentment in my life and have that new beginning, I need to ‘cut the crap’, cut through through the tricks my mind plays on me and be completely honest with myself.





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Another Court Card!

So today’s daily card is another court card. It’s reassuring to find out that lots of people struggle with the court cards! I’ve looked into them a bit more and learned that they can represent an event rather than just a person (yourself/another person). That makes it much easier for me, knowing that they can signify events too.

On the face of it, this card is all about love and emotions. But I did some more research on it and it is often associated with creativity or a new beginning/stage in life. Which is funny really – I’ve had so many ten cards this week which indicate the end of a cycle so maybe this card is telling me I’m about to start a new cycle – either creatively or emotionally as it’s the Page of Cups. 

Either that or I have a younger amourous admirer somewhere 😉

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They’re definitely trying to tell me something!


What is it with these number 10 cards? This is the third time one has come up this week, strangely each one from a different suit. They definitely seem to be indicating the end of something, maybe the end of a cycle and a new beginning.

I can definitely relate to the poor man on the Ten of Wands with all his wands, so many of them he can’t even see where he’s going. Its an uphill battle and I feel like that’s what I’ve been on recently. But, the card shows that the end is in sight, the village he’s heading to is almost in reach.

I think this card is telling me that although I’ve been through a difficult few months, the end of this period is in sight and I just need to hang in there a little longer.

It could also be a warning not to take on too much. I’ve been trying to find ways to use my limited energy in more fulfilling ways – through my art and learning the tarot, amongst other things. It could be telling me that there can still be too much of a good thing!

As I’ve been getting help from the local M.E. clinic recently, I’ve found out so much about the illness which I never knew, even after 15 or so years. And the most difficult thing for me to accept is that even fun, enjoyable activity is still activity (which uses energy) and needs to be balanced with rest.

When so much of my time and energy HAS to be spent at work, its difficult to accept that the rest of my time has to be regulated and activity balanced with rest. This card is a Wands card and the Wands indicate creativity, passion and initiative along with new growth. So it could be a warning that I need to follow the advice I have been given to come out the other side of this M.E. flare up and that I could risk overdoing it energy-wise, even with enjoyable things which are helpful to me in other ways.

This card has given me lots to think about today.

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Ten of Pentacles


Well, its the second time in a few days that I’ve drawn a ten so I thought I’d look into what the number ten indicates in numerology. A ten represents the end of a cycle or an ending which leads to a new beginning. That does seem to link in to my recent realisation that I can’t continue as I am and that I need to make some changes to my life so I can lead a more fulfilling life within my constraints of my health issues. I need to end the current cycle I’m on and start a new, healthier cycle.

Like the ten of cups, this card seems quite easy to interpret. It looks to me like a man in his later years, content with what he has achieved. He’s looking out over his family and looks to be comfortable financially. It seems to represent security, family values and prosperity.

So what’s it trying to tell me? I think in my case, the pentacles are representing spiritual/emotional wealth rather than money. I think its trying to tell me that if I continue on this journey with tarot and other changes I’m trying to make in my life, I will find more contentment in the long run.

Hopefully, anyway!