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They’re definitely trying to tell me something!


What is it with these number 10 cards? This is the third time one has come up this week, strangely each one from a different suit. They definitely seem to be indicating the end of something, maybe the end of a cycle and a new beginning.

I can definitely relate to the poor man on the Ten of Wands with all his wands, so many of them he can’t even see where he’s going. Its an uphill battle and I feel like that’s what I’ve been on recently. But, the card shows that the end is in sight, the village he’s heading to is almost in reach.

I think this card is telling me that although I’ve been through a difficult few months, the end of this period is in sight and I just need to hang in there a little longer.

It could also be a warning not to take on too much. I’ve been trying to find ways to use my limited energy in more fulfilling ways – through my art and learning the tarot, amongst other things. It could be telling me that there can still be too much of a good thing!

As I’ve been getting help from the local M.E. clinic recently, I’ve found out so much about the illness which I never knew, even after 15 or so years. And the most difficult thing for me to accept is that even fun, enjoyable activity is still activity (which uses energy) and needs to be balanced with rest.

When so much of my time and energy HAS to be spent at work, its difficult to accept that the rest of my time has to be regulated and activity balanced with rest. This card is a Wands card and the Wands indicate creativity, passion and initiative along with new growth. So it could be a warning that I need to follow the advice I have been given to come out the other side of this M.E. flare up and that I could risk overdoing it energy-wise, even with enjoyable things which are helpful to me in other ways.

This card has given me lots to think about today.


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