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Stranger and Stranger….The Star


Well, this is really weird. Yesterday, my daily draw was the Ace of Swords, a card I drew for the second time in a handful of days. Today I drew the Star, which I also drew just a couple of days ago.

The Star, to me, indicates ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. It follows the Tower and so feels like a period of calm after the Tower has come crashing down. It seems like a card of transformation and optimism. An indication of the need to forgive and forget and offering a glimpse into a better future if you believe it is possible.

It all seems to link back into lots of the cards I’ve drawn since I started a daily draw earlier this month. A lot of them seem to indicate new beginnings and that better things are round the corner. Some kind of calm after the storm.

I wonder if I had done a spread whether these two cards would appear? I don’t really believe that the cards can predict the future (not in a ‘you will marry such and such a person and have x number of kids type of way). But……

It feels like the two cards together are telling me that a better future IS possible if I believe that it is possible (Star) IF I follow the advice given (Ace of Swords) and act with my head rather than my heart and let go of bitterness and disillusion.

I can’t explain why or how but this feels like a really powerful message to me and I’m getting the same feelings I got when I had my two Tarot readings. Like the cards are really speaking to me and giving me some important, almost life-changing advice.

Drawing these same cards could be put down to chance but it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like I’ve drawn them twice for a reason and that is because they have messages I really needed to hear. Most people I know would laugh this off and think I’d finally gone mad but the more I get to know the cards, the more and more I fall in love with them.



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