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The High Priestess


What is it with another Major Arcana card? This week I’m supposed to be looking at the four elements and how they manifest in the Minor Arcana cards and I’ve hardly drawn one to be able to do that!

I can’t quite explain why but I love this card. I love the symbols and the serenity of the image. I’ve done a bit of reading into other people’s interpretations of the High Priestess and it seems there are many different views out there. One thing everyone seems to agree on it that she indicates mystery, the subconscious and intuition. Dreams and all that is hidden.

While I’m trying really hard not to assign feminine/masculine features to the cards, the High Priestess does remind me of a book I’m reading at the moment called ‘Women who run with the Wolves’. Its about stories which have been passed down through generations and often mentions ‘The Wild Woman’ or the ‘One who knows’. This is the wild, intuitive nature of women which is often lost due to societal pressure or pressures from those around us. It is about how we, as women, can start to rediscover what the author calls our ‘wildish nature’. The High Priestess is like the ‘Wild Woman’, both asking us to trust our inner voice and to look to our feminine intuition for guidance, for we can rely on that more than anything else.

I don’t know what message the High Priestess has for me today. It could possibly be that I need to look beyond what seems obvious (to discover what is hidden behind the curtain…) or that I need to allow something to happen without any interaction on my part. It could be that I need to not act rashly, rather wait patiently until I have the answer.

The day is only halfway through so I’ll try to bear this in mind should anything come up during the rest of the day!


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